Tungsten Wedding Bands Send Designers Scrambling to Meet Demand

With the payment of gold at an all timehigh, what alternative is there for the countless couples who keep nointention of compromising quality, aptly for a reform price? See howthe tungsten matrimonial band meets and continues to exceed expectationsof both jewelry designers and the practice shameless consumer.

Tungsten Wedding Bands Send Designers Scrambling to Meet Demand

Tungsten Wedding Bands Send Designers Scrambling to Meet Demand

TungstenWedding Bands, Keep The Cash in Your Wallet

2011has not been an manageable year for anyone, with rising prices from fuel tofood, most of us would concur that jewelry is a luxury of the past,especially for us of the working station That being said, we stillfall in love, we quiescent privation to have that special day and apportion a tokenof our passion to the love of our life We hold anniversaries thatwe scarcity to remember and celebrate without feeling that we are missingout on being able to display ourselves with a bent the system we wouldhave done 10 or perhaps even 5 years ago. However, the inevitabletruth is that times retain changed the fashion we celebrate and commemorateour most special moments. That is not all bad, it has prompted us toreflect on what is really important, not just the things we buy forour loved ones, but on our loved ones themselves

Therising remuneration of a nuptial today is staggering, a recent scan foundon theknot.com polled some10,000 brides and 1,000 grooms who were either connubial or engaged inthe past year The influence reported that the standard emolument (not justthe more expensive of tastes, but the average) of an job ringwas $5,200 The ordinary remuneration of the matrimonial crew was $1,126 for herand $491 for him And the most singable metal of possibility among thosepreparing for their pace down the aisle, was white gold Wow! That’squite an quantity to be spent when a new brace is looking to achieve afuture together, and no distrust adds to the stress of planning theirspecial day, especially since most couples are paying for their ownceremonies and receptions these days, without the assistance of mom anddad

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AHappy Solution

Accordingto that alike survey, a budding unit of grooms had apparently founda key to the expense of purchasing a white gold connubial band.27% of the grooms surveyed had opted for a man’stungsten connubial bandinsteadof white gold I wanted to see how these averages fared with actualretailers, so in talking with Ron Yates, CEO ofTitanium-Jewelrycom,a principal online retailer of contemporary metals,heconfirmed the findings, stating that grooms hustings tungsten was upby 8% from 2008. He commented other by saying that passage wasimportant to the consumer, We posses found that more and morecouples are poll varying metals nuptial bands Our finest sellers aretungsten rings that are combined with gold or silver. The Tullamoretungsten circle by JR YATES with two sterling silver braids and thecollection of tungsten rings with Rose gold by Heavy Stone Rings havebeen popular

Groomshave not wanted to observe like they were manufacture brighten or skimping onthe significance of their marital ring As a result many quiescent wantthe designer name, even if picking a less expensive metal. For thisreason, fully a few rangy final jewelry designers keep been adding moreand additional men’s tungsten marriage bands to their selection One namethat stands out in aiming to meet this demand is Benchmark To showyou the friendly of value and capital that poll tungsten carbideover white gold can donate you, I recently compared 2 married bands ofsimilar style, both from Benchmark. The remuneration of the men’s 7mmBenchmark marital side in white gold was $1,549 while the 7mmTungsten Carbide squad besides from Benchmark was a mere $199. That makesa macrocosm of difference when you are looking for manner and torpid hopeto afford the pastoral But such a remuneration difference is to beexpected, given the payment of gold inactive hangs steadily at an averageof $1,660 per ounce and has a projected expand to possibly $2,275per ounce in 2012.

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WillI Be Satisfied With Tungsten Carbides Quality?

Lookingat the figures, completely obviously, there is no problem of tungsten’saffordability in comparison to that of white gold The saving ofmoney however is not the only concern prospective brides and groomshave in poll a nuptial band. Having a lanky level band withbeautiful guise is fair as important. No one wants to feel thatthey settled plainly for what was the cheapest, because there was noalternative That is the symmetry and behalf of tungsten. It isdurable and beautiful Tungsten when used as a metal in jewelrymaking, is ladylike to a mirror like finish and will prolong thatfinish for the life of the piece. It is virtually gall resistant,(which does not mean it is impossible to scratch, anything ispossible if your setting out to intentionally gall the metal) andis lifelong enough to be worn daily by a man who makes a livingworking with his hands Gold though valuable is easily TungstenCarbide is 10 times harder than 18K gold, a desirable attribute whenyour dealing with an investment in quality, like jewelry Toillustrate, we are all aware that diamonds keep a reputation as thehardest of stones, it measures in at a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.Tungsten Carbide measures in between a 7-8 by the alike scale, 5 timesharder than that of Titanium

Designersbecoming aware of the federal profit in selection tungstenwedding bandsinsteadof further traditional precious metals hold made a wider selectionavailable This is not only out of concern for the consumer, itdoesnt move enthusiasm to figure out, if they don’t consign kin whatthey want, the relatives entrust find someone else who will. This is adefinitely an gain for those planning a married on a control orwho tidily dram to choose fresh carefully where they spend their hardearned pecuniary Shop around and vista the allusion whether it be asolid man’stungsten matrimonial bandorone interlaced with gold for a distinct contrast Designers have beenworking feverishly to create a variety of settings that bequeath bringyou back into the purchasing arena. Try to relax a scarcely and enjoyyour shopping experience Take your case and choose a group that willleave you satisfied with your passage and still guard your peaceof mood that you did not retain to pause the bank to do it.

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